Museum Partner Program

Partner Program for Museums, Libraries and Presidential Homes

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The APIC has a strong, continued interest in promoting the study and appreciation of our nation's heritage as it relates to political campaigns and political candidates. This interest has logically led the APIC to form relationships with many of the museums, libraries and presidential homes throughout the nation such as the FDR Library in Hyde Park, New York, the Smithsonian Institute, Truman's Little White House in Key West, and Florida.

APIC's Commitment to National Heritage and Political History

The American Political Items Collectors (APIC) is deeply committed to fostering the study and appreciation of the United States' rich political history. This commitment has driven the APIC to establish valuable relationships with prominent institutions across the country.

Collaborating with National Institutions

Among these are notable locations such as the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library in Hyde Park, New York, the Smithsonian Institute, and Truman's Little White House in Key West, Florida. These partnerships reflect APIC's dedication to preserving and promoting the nation's political legacy.

Exclusive Offer: Free Partner Membership for Museums and Libraries

In a bid to further encourage the appreciation of U.S. political history, the APIC extends a special offer: a FREE Partner Membership available to museums, libraries, and presidential homes. This membership is designed to enhance the understanding and dissemination of political campaign-related knowledge.

How to Join: A Call to Action for Museums and Libraries

If your institution falls within these categories, APIC warmly invites you to explore the benefits this partnership offers. We encourage representatives to visit the Membership Benefits page on the APIC website for more details.

Contact the APIC Museum Coordinator

To learn more or to initiate your Partner Membership, simply reach out to the APIC Museum Coordinator. Click here to send an email and begin your journey with APIC, joining hands in celebrating and preserving America's political heritage.

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