Specialty Chapters

The Pop Culture Chapter of the APIC

Background: This is an exciting new chapter that got its start at the 2012 APIC National Convention in Columbus Ohio.

It is not unusual for collectors of political campaign memorabilia to have interests that extend outside the area of political campaigns. For example, political collectors collect items related to the prohibition movement, the women's suffrage movement,or the anti-war movement. Other collectors enjoy collecting sports memorabilia, music and entertainment items, or humorous and comical buttons. This chapter encompasses all of those "non-political" items that political collectors also collect.

The term "Popular Culture" generally describes all items that fit into this non-political category. These types of items are always available for sale or trade by collectors and dealers at APIC shows, so if you collect these types of items, it is strongly recommended that you attend these shows since this is an excellent source to find items for your collection.

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