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The Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Background: The Mid-Atlantic Chapter held its very first organizational meeting and one-day show on November 14, 1970 in Phillipsburg, NJ. At that meeting, the original founders of the chapter, Edward M. Stahl APIC #1674 and the late Gary Lundquist former APIC#918, were elected Vice President and President respectively with Gary’s wife Sharon serving as the first Secretary-Treasurer. As there were already chapters in upstate New York and New York City, the aim of the few dozen collectors present was to serve collectors in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware geographic region and provide a regular calendar of local shows where members of the American Political Items Collectors could buy, sell, trade and auction political campaign memorabilia, as well as share information, preserve, and learn about America’s political history. Those first chapter members included such APIC notables as Alphaeus “Dewey” Albert, Bob Coup, David Frent, Ted Hake, Charlie McSorley, Ed Potter, Ed Stahl, Ed Veleber and Leon Weisel among them.

In the 1970’s, the chapter continued to hold quarterly one-day shows, having settled in Bordentown, NJ for the June 26, 1971 show, and continued to hold regular meetings there for the following nine years. In 1973, Jeannine Coup was elected Secretary-Treasurer and in 1975, F. Lynn Christy was elected Vice President and Ed Stahl became Secretary-Treasurer and convention chairman, positions he still holds to this day. With Lundquist’s departure from APIC, in 1979 Lynn Christy was elected President, an office he still holds, Alfio “Al” Brindisi and Leon Benen became Vice Presidents for Pennsylvania and New Jersey/Delaware respectively as the VP office was split into two geographic representations. With Leon’s retirement to Florida in 1992, APIC Newsletter Editor Harvey Goldberg succeeded Leon as Vice President for New Jersey/Delaware. Leon currently holds the title of Director Emeritus.

The chapter's first multi-day regional convention was held in 1980 in Newark, NJ. Co-hosted by the Mid-Atlantic and Big Apple Chapters, the convention was a huge success. Each year since then, the Mid-Atlantic Chapter's Fall Eastern Regional Convention is among the best in the hobby, drawing collectors and dealers from all over the country. Past conventions were held as follows:

  • 1981 to 1983 - Cherry Hill, NJ.
  • 1984 to 1987 - Bordentown, NJ.
  • 1988 - Princeton, NJ.
  • 1989 to 1992 - Langhorne PA.
  • 1993 - East Brunswick, NJ.
  • 1994 to current - Langhorne, PA.

In 1993, with the assistance of the Big Apple Chapter, this chapter hosted the APIC National Convention. This was one of the best, well-attended of all national conventions. It was the second largest and most financially successful convention in APIC history, a distinction the chapter organizers take great pride in.

Since 1998, the officers of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter present its "Legends of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter Award" in recognition of the dedication of its longest-term chapter members who continue to be in attendance at meetings since the chapter's inception/early days and who, through their volunteerism or financial support, have helped the chapter grow, maintain the quality of the APIC experience, and have helped foster the superb camaraderie of the club through the last 39 years.

The award winners to date are:

  • 1998 - Charles McSorley
  • 1999 - Robert Coup
  • 2000 - David Frent
  • 2001 - Robert Fratkin
  • 2002 - Susan Stahl
  • 2003 - Mort Berkowitz
  • 2004 - Jeannine Coup
  • 2005 - Leon Benen
  • 2006 - Tony Lee
  • 2007 - Mark Evans
  • 2008 - Al Brindisi

This chapter sponsors a show each year in November at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel, 400 Oxford Valley Road, in Langhorne, PA. This show is on the Thursday/Friday/Saturday weekend following election day or the next weekend. This often coincides with the Veterans Day holiday

Chapter Officers:

President: Ed Stahl - (973) 241-5106 or

Vice President: Harvey Goldberg - (732) 382-4652 or

Vice President: Tony Lee – (609) 310-0817 or

Registration Chairperson: Heather Stahl Mason

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