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The FDR and Democratic Political Items Collectors

Background: Several years ago, the FDR Chapter and the Democratic Political Items Collectors (DPIC) merged to form the FDR & DPIC chapter. Although the chapter servers to educate members about Franklin Roosevelt, all Democratic presidents and candidates are part of the focus of the group. The chapter newsletter The New Deal Spirit is published 3 times per year with other member premiums occasionally distributed. The newsletter provides insight into FDR and his era through feature stories. Other Democrats are also feature in each issue with a focus on collection campaign-related buttons and other material from Democratic political campaigns past, present, and future.


So, if you are a Democrat and/or enjoy collecting Democratic political campaign items, this chapter is for you!

The FDR & DPIC Chapter meets once a year in May at the Michigan Chapter APIC show.

Newsletter: The New Deal Spirit is published 3 times per year. Mike Craun is the publisher. Doug Kelly and Mike Craun are the editors. There are some back issues of The New Deal Spirit publication. Please contact Mike Craun if interested.

Dues: $10.00 per 12-month period which includes the Newsletter. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mike Craun at (419) 531-0170 or by e-mail at mccraun@buckeye-express.com.

Chapter Officers:

Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Craun (419) 531-0170 or mccraun@buckey-express.com

Advisor: Doug Kelly (734) 662-1731 or kelleyvill@comcast.net

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