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Auction Catalog of Political Campaign Memorabilia and Modern Culture Auction Catalog - This catalog is in 8 1/2 by 11 inches in format. Each item is photographed and all items are shown in full color.  Each item is described to a high level of detail and accuracy.  Each catalog has approximately 2500 items per catalog.

Costs - $50.00 for 4 issues per year. No cost if your annual purchases exceed $300.00.  Subscribe or order a complimentary sample catalog at www.hakes.com

Bidding Methods - Mail, Telephone, Fax, email or internet website bidding at

- Hake's Americana & Collectibles, P. O. Box 12001, York PA 17402

Website -

Email - hakes@hakes.com

Phone Number - 866.404.9800

Buying and Consignments - Hake's is always looking for items to purchase.  Hake's also accepts consignments for future auctions.


Ted Hake, longtime APIC member #292, is a dealer, collector and recognized authority in the area of collectibles. He created Hake's Americana in 1967. Now part of Diamond Galleries, Hake's Americana continues to issue auction catalogs of political campaign memorabilia. Also included in these catalogs are a plethora of items relating to many areas of collecting of modern culture. Pinback buttons continue to be a popular emphasis of these auction catalogs.


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