Membership Benefits and Cost

The Benefits of Becoming a Full Member of the APIC

   Full membership includes the following :

Paper_Bandwagon.jpg A one-year subscription to the Political Bandwagon newspaper publication. It includes interesting articles, auction results, a letter from the APIC President, calendar of events, items for sale, display ads, etc.

Keynoter_Spring_2006.jpg Four issues of The Keynoter, the official publication of the APIC. This is a very professional publication with color illustrations that has invaluable information and articles of great interest to political memorabilia collectors.

Access to the features of the members only area of the APIC website.

Access to the complete membership roster.

Membership privileges at all APIC-sponsored shows, auctions and events, both regional and national.

Elegibility to join any of the Specialty Chapters within the APIC. 

Full voting privileges and eligibility to run for APIC office per the rules and regulations established by the APIC.

However, while the collecting aspect of the hobby is important to most members, and the education that members receive is invaluable and never-ending, the biggest benefit the APIC provides is the friendship and fellowship that develops between members. This has become an integral part of the hobby for all of those who are actively involved. Many members have established lifelong friendships through this hobby. This is most evident when attending one of the regional or national shows.

The Costs of One-Year Membership

    • USA (publications via perioidical rate mail) - $42.00. 
    • USA Expedited (publications via 1st class mail) - $72.00.
    • Canadian (publications via 1st class int'l mail) - $76.00.
    • International (publications via 1st class int'l mail) - $105.00.
    • Youth (12 and younger) - $16.00
    • It is important to designate the correct age range for this member as the APIC cannot release information publicly about this member.
    • Youth (13 to 19) - $16.00.
  • ADDITIONAL FAMILY MEMBERS (in the same household):
    • Each additional family member - $12.00
    • Each family member will receive their own APIC number, listing in the APIC roster, but will receive no APIC publications.

   If you would like to enjoy the benefits of membership in the APIC, don't hesitate. Join now. Click here to complete a new membership application form.


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