Keynoter 2008 - Spring - Issue 1

2008 | Volume Spring | Issue 1
(Astronomical Politics-Eclipse Buttons)
(Unusual 1960 Nixon Press Buttons)
(Unusual Adlai Stevenson Buttons)
(Whitehead and Hoag "borrowed" some of their designs)
A Fun Find (Early Michael Dukakis)
Collecting History: The Mahattan Project, Who's Hasson and More
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Hobbyist
Governors of Texas
Halley's Comet and TR's Return From Africa
Nellie Tayloe Ross: First Woman Governor
San Francisco Likes Ike
San Francisco Likes Ike (Henry and Jerry Michalski Convention Experience)
The 1928 Democratic National Convention and the Democratic Rebellion in Texas
The Size is the Thing!
Wallace-Oakes Button