Keynoter 2007 - Fall - Issue 4

2007 | Volume Fall | Issue 4
1876: "Tilden or Blood" but Hayes in the end
1880: Garfield vs. Hancock
APIC Hall of Fame: Profile Edmund B. Sullivan
Collecting Flashers
Ferrotypes & Photo Badges
Flag Day: October 31, 1896
Grover Cleveland: Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
Leonel Campbell and Polly Pry
McKinley and the End of Road for Ferrotypes
Socialist Postcards
The Coolidge-Dawes Lincoln Tour 1924 by Larry L. Krug
The Fiulton Wide Awakes Banner: 'A Revered Relic'
The Fulton Wide Awakes Banner A "Revered Relic"
U.S. Grant Triumphs in 1868 and 1872
Black Republicans
Marcus Garvey for President