Keynoter 2002 - Summer - Issue 2

2002 | Volume Summer | Issue 2
1912: Simeon E. Baldwin for President
Campaign Classics: PT-109
Collecting History: "Who's Yehundi?" and Other Radio Tales"
Divided Loyalties: Bob Graham and Bill Grant
FIRST STEPS: The Early Memorabilia of National Party Nominees-Andrew Johnson-A tailor not cut-out to lead the nation
Jews in American Politics edited by L. Sandy Maisel and Ira N. Forman (an APIC book Review by Michael Kelly)
Keeping Time With FDR: The Metal Roosevelt Clocks and Lamps. Part I Man of the Hour
Michael Dukakis For President (a Keynoter interview by Richard Rector)
Nevada Roosevelt-Garner Club Button Appears
Presidential Radio Firsts
PROFILES IN DEED: The APIC Hall of Fame-Monroe D. Ray APIC #3
Rally the Protestant Vote: Nixon, Judd, and Billy Graham
The Campaign of 1988: Bush vs. Dukakis