Keynoter 2002 - Fall - Issue 3

2002 | Volume Fall | Issue 3
"Chinese Must Go" Social Attitudes in 19th Century Advertising Cards
"God Knows" The Socialists and an Anti-Taft Button
"He's Pregnant!" (William Taft replies to Chauncey DePew)
A Minor Party Hopeful from 1908: Fitzgerald for President
After TR: The Campaign of 1908
Banking on Bryan in 1908
Bill Bryan and Alfalfa Bill Murray in 1908
Cause Item: "Ye Animals Friends"
Collecting History: Paster Ballots and the Kitchen Debate
It's Never That Easy: Hopefuls in 1908.
PROFILES IN DEED: The APIC Hall of Fame-John W. Barkley APIC #2
Should Democracy "Let the People Rule" in Oklahoma?
The Election of 1908
The Metal Roosevelt Clocks and Lamps. Part II New Deal, NRA and others
The Twilight Zone in 1908