Keynoter 2001 - Winter - Issue 3

2001 | Volume Winter | Issue 3
"A New Vision for America": Pat Roberson for President ' 88 (a Keynoter interview by Richard Rector)
1978: Bush and Cheney for Congress
Clinton Collectors in the Oval Office
Collecting History
Consequence of a Bad Bet
Internet Treasures
Smoot of Utah
So Who are All these People?
The First Rockefeller Item
The Rest of the Story and the Beginning of a New Story!
Where did the Buttons Go? Campaign Button Lags in '58 Races, Parties Still Order Millions of Pins but they Can't Get People to Wear Them (Reprinted from the November 2, 1958 The New York Times)
Who is Dorie Miller… …and why is he on a button