Keynoter 1999 - Fall - Issue 2

1999 | Volume Fall | Issue 2
"Miss Caroline" (Cartoon Cocktail Napkins)
Campaign Slogans Quiz
Caring For Your Collectibles by Ken Arnold
Carter Campaign Buttons..
Davy Crockett for President
For the Newer Collector: Parker 1904: Uncle Sam's White Elephant
Hiram Fong: Hawaii's Favorite Son
How Hale is the Chief
How to Win an Election
Items of Interest-Hughes Notification Meeting Button Clarmont Rink-Saturday, Sept. 26, '08
One Parade Too Many
Patsy Mink for President '72 (A Keynoter interview by Richard Rector)
Report From The County Chair
Roosevelt-Garner Club (pinback) Update
The FDR Barnesville Button
Votes for Women Tea Set