Keynoter 1997 - Winter - Issue 3

1997 | Volume Winter | Issue 3
1997 APIC Intern's Report
A String Puzzle
August-us Van Wyck TR's Gubernatorial Opponent
Commrce and Industries
For the Newer Collector: The Election of 1932
Ohio's "Best" Pins and Ribbons
Some 'Big Ditch' Items
Sometimes It's Worth a Closer Look (Roosevelt and Garner Items)
The Elusive Inaugural License Plates
Truman "No Retreat" Buttons Genuine vs. Fakes
U. S. Presidential Candidates and the Elections by Havel, James T. - A Massive Labor of Love
Cox For President The Campaign of 1920
Cox in Ohio
FDR in 1920
James M. Cox and the Wright Brothers
Publishers for President
The 1920 Democratic Convention
The Cox/Roosevelt Jugates
The Liberty Playing Cards
Wilson and Cox: Keeping the Faith