Keynoter 1996 - Fall - Issue 2

1996 | Volume Fall | Issue 2
Batting the One-Party State: Multi-party Politics in Mississippi 1877-1902 By Steven Cresswell
For the Newer Collector: Stevenson's Famous Shoe
Henry Klay: Old Kentucky was Oll Korrect, O.K.?
Homer, Bill and Theocratic Party
Maker of Political Cigarettes Closes (Reprinted from the Louisville Courier-Journal, January 1, 1993)
One Very Loyal Democrat: A Bryan Tombstone
Political Lightbulb Shines (Reprinted from the Elizabethtown News-Enterprise)
Teapot Dome Revisited
The 1952 Popcorn Poll
The Story of O.K. (etymology of "OK")
The Taft Bloomers
The Willkie Shed: One of a Kind