Keynoter 1986 - Mid-year - Issue 2

1986 | Volume Mid-year | Issue 2
"From Torchlights to Television: 200 Years of Maryland Political Campaigns"
"I Know Nothing But My Country…" The Seduction of Millard Fillmore
"My Hat Is In The Ring"
Adm.(iral) Dewey For President
APIC PROJECT: Roosevelt-Johnson Jugates
Attractive Campaign Pillows (Reprinted from Needlecraft 1920)
Campaign Medals: Relics of Political Contests That Were Waged Before The (Civil) War An Article from Harpers Weekly Magzine -1896
Campaign Music Project- Part 2: Political Sheet Music
In Favor of Woman's Sufferage A Handwritten Letter From 1914
Items of Interest: Nixon White House Luggage Tags
More F.D.R. Coattails
My 1920 Campaign For President
Reliving Politics: Harpers Ferry, WV.
TR in 1916
Welcome Home TR (Theordore Roosevelt)