Keynoter 1984 - Summer - Issue 2

1984 | Volume Summer | Issue 2
"LUCKY" Lindbergh Conqueror of the Air Frontier
Anti-Bryan "Money"
Books in the Hobby-Political Postcard, 1900-1980 A Price Guide
Books in the Hobby-Presidential Campaigns, Boller Jr., Paul F.
Books in the Hobby-The Lincoln Image: Abraham Lincoln and the Popular Print Harold, Holzer Gabor S. Broritt, Mark E. Neely Jr.
Books in the Hobby-The Other Candidates:Third Parties in Presidential Elections
Eric Sebastian The "Phantom" Candidate`
Items of Interest: (James Cox-League of Nations Pinback)
McKinley Coattails
Prosperity's Advance Agent Wm. McKinley and the Gold Standard
The Birth of Presidential Campaign Buttons A Contemporary British Perspective
The McKinley Presidency
Wobbly Willie and the Carpetbagger Candidate