Keynoter 1981 - Spring - Issue 1

1981 | Volume Spring | Issue 1
APIC Project: 1980
APIC Postcard Project: (Prohibition)
APIC Postcard Project: The Suffrage Era
Ballots, Beerwagons and Buzzards: The Great Veterans' Rally 1876
Belva A. Lockwood and National Equal Rights
Cox-Roosevelt Jugate Brings $33,000 in Warner Auction
Godden, Jean, Carter: The Will To Win
Labor's Left-Radical Labor Movements in America
Levine, H. Joseph, Collectors Guide to Presidential Inaugural Medals and Memorabilia
Multigate Poster: (Dewey & Coatails)
Post-1965 Feminist Items
Rum, Religion, "Revenooers" America's "Noble Experiment"
The Campaign Items of John F. Kennedy
Trimble, Vance H., Reagan: The Man from Main Street