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Welcome to the website of the American Political Items Collectors (APIC). The APIC has been the premier hobby organization in the country since 1945 for those of us who collect and preserve the items that tell the story of our colorful and vibrant history. Our members collect a variety of materials including campaign buttons, paper items, textiles, jewelry, and Three-dimensional items, such as vintage campaign torches and other political novelties.

We invite you to become a member of the APIC. Membership includes a monthly newsletter and a quarterly magazine, The Keynoter. Membership helps you connect with fellow collectors around the country who share the passion to “hold history in your hand.” They can provide invaluable knowledge to help you build your collections.

The APIC celebrates its 75 th Anniversary in 2020 and we will be gathering in Nashville, TN next summer for the 2021 American Political Items Collectors National Convention, our largest hobby event. Please check out the Calendar section on the link above for a list of other shows that are held around the country throughout the year.

Enjoy visiting the site. Stay safe and healthy.

Cary Jung

President, American Political Items Collectors


The last significant update to the APIC bylaws happened in 2004. Those bylaws can be found here:

Click here for the current APIC Bylaws

After many meetings and a lot of feedback, we are prepared to submit a general revision for approval of the membership.  The general revision can be found here:

Click here for the final general revision of the APIC Bylaws

Voting will occur both online and via paper ballot.  The paper ballot will be available in the April Bandwagon publication.  Instructions will be included in the Bandwagon for online voting and will also be emailed to those members for whom we have email addresses in early April.  Voting will close on May 15th, 2021.


JFK_LBJ_Poster.jpg The APIC has several regularly scheduled publications that you will receive as part of your membership. The Keynoter is a quarterly color publication full of both interesting articles and images of campaign collectibles. Also, a monthly newsletter is printed and included in the Political Bandwagon, a newspaper format publication that also contains articles, images, advertisements, news, and highlight from auctions of political campaign memorabilia. A roster is available, both on the web and in print, of all members in the organization.

 In addition to regular memberships, the APIC offers youth, family and international memberships. A regular membership for someone in the US only costs $38.00 US per year. Multi-year memberships are also available.



Click here to read a document that provides more details instructions on how to navigate this website including how to log in (only members can log in).


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