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The Republication Political Items Collectors (RPIC) Chapter

Background: This chapter was started in 1998 by Jonathan Binkley of Toledo, Ohio.  This chapter focuses on the careers, campaigns, biographies, and histories of Republican candidates, especially US President and Vice President.  Membership is open to all APIC members.  All members of this chapter will receive the RPIC Trumpeter magazine, a 20-page publication that features articles of interest on collecting political memorabilia, political events, member profiles and experiences, book reviews, satire and humor, advertisements of items for sale, reports on political campaign items from current campaigns, etc.  Each RPIC member is entitled to one 25-word advertisement in each issue, or they may save their quota for a future larger ad.

Newsletter: the RPIC Trumpeter News magazine is published twice a year and includes many articles of interest to collectors of political campaign memorabilia.  RPIC members are entitled to one 25-word advertisement per issue, or they can save up their quota for a larger ad in the future.

Dues: $12.00 per calendar year.  Make check payable to "Jonathan Binkley - RPIC Dues".  Mail to: Jonathan Binkley, 1786 Bucklew Drive, Toledo, OH  43613

Chapter Officers

  • Vice President:  Marlene Carrier, Hermitage, PA - (724) 347-7837
  • Secretary/Membership Secretary:  Keith Baer, Missoula, MT - (406) 251-2237 or KeithB@Montana.com.
  • Button/Graphic Artist:  John Pictrowski (734) 847-4430 
  • National Directors:

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