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ALPIC - American Locals Political Items Collectors

Background: The American Local Items Political Collectors (ALPIC) is a specialty chapter of the APIC that focuses on the collecting and preservation of items from locals campaigns such as Governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress, mayors, coattails and other local races. ALPIC members are interested in identifying previously unknown political items and often swap information on newly-discovered items. One advantage of collecting locals is that there is a never-ending supply of items out there waiting to be added to someone’s collection.

ALPIC dates back to the 1970's, making it one of the oldest chapters in the hobby. For many years, ALPIC members have worked on various research projects intended to aid other collectors in identifying what items are available and where they come from. Over the years, projects about candidates during a specific campaign cycle have been produced, along with projects focusing on geographical areas. At the 2014 Denver APIC National Convention, a Colorado project was produced and distributed with the help of numerous collectors and compiled by Pat Lenington.

Programming: The ALPIC hasn't produced a newsletter in several years, but the chapter is working on new plans to share information on a regular basic digitally. These plans will be shared with all once they have been finalized. Arrangements will be made to mail out copies for those who do not have email addresses. In the meantime, please use the following resources:

ALPIC Facebook page - this group is where people can share new finds, ask questions, and generally engage with fellow collectors.

ALPIC Exchange - this group is where local items can be posted for sale and made available to anyone interested without eBay, PayPal, or other auction fees).

www.ohiopoliticals.com - a digital Ohio project.

www.pennsylvaniapoliticals.com - a digital Pennsylvania project.

Dues are $12.00 per calendar year. Make checks to ALPIC and mail to Pat Lenington, 822 Jona Kay Terrace, Norman, OK 73069

Chapter Officers:

  • President: Matt Dole - 740.236.0613 or mattdole@gmail.com
  • Treasurer: Pat Lenington 405.329.8885 or plennington@cox.net

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